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I would love the opportunity to work with you to plan the perfect ceremony that reflects your uniqueness, and your journey. I embrace everyone’s individuality and understand the importance of creating a meaningful and memorable service that includes significant people, personal rituals and the little touches that represent you.

It is my privilege to be sharing in your special day, and my number one priority is your happiness. Each person’s needs vary widely. Family traditions, cultural diversity, religious differences and spiritual beliefs influence how you would like your ceremony. I am available and fully accessible to each couple through the entire planning process. I will work respectfully with, other professionals to ensure your day is an unforgettable experience, and fulfills your every expectation.

Wedding Ceremonies

Create the perfect ceremony that reflects your uniqueness, and your journey.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life. Choosing a civil celebrant to perform your ceremony enables you to design your dream service.

Civil ceremonies are flexible, personal and accommodating. They give each couple the chance to include everyone who is important in their lives, and everything that is significant to them as an individual, and as a unique couple.

Marriage is a sacred commitment that deepens a union of two hearts. For many couples, marriage is the next natural step in their journey and their wedding ceremony marks the beginning of a future filled with hopes and aspirations of forever after.

Marriage is a promise of love between a man and woman, but also a lawfully binding contract. Read more about legalising a marriage

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a celebration of partnership. It is a pledge of love between two people who wish to dedicate their lives to each other. It is a chance to announce a commitment between two hearts in front of family and friends.

You can create a meaningful ceremony that honours your loving bond in any way that you choose. Same sex relationships are supported through this alternative service, and offer an opportunity for a public declaration of love, and a vow of loyalty, for all couples.

Renewal of Vows

Renewing your vows is an opportunity to re-affirm your vows of love and devotion. You can re-create your original wedding, or design a whole new ceremony that reflects where your relationship is now, and how it has grown over the years.

Vow renewals offer a chance for your whole family to witness your testament of love. You could include your children or grandchildren in a heartfelt service that honours your journey together, and pays tribute to your love story.

Naming Days

Naming Days are the perfect way to publicly declare your intentions as parents, formally announce Godparents, and introduce your little one to the people who are special to them, and who will be significant in guiding them through their life.

Naming Days, or Blessing Ceremonies, offer a chance to welcome your child into their wider community of friends, and extended family, through a beautifully personalised service in your choice of location.

Every child is an individual on their own journey. A Naming Day service is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the new addition to your family. Holding an informal ceremony for your child is often seen as an alternative to a traditional church christening, but the service can still include religious and/or spiritual aspects. Your choices are endless in designing a ceremony that befits your unique child, and his – or her – place in the world.

Celebrations of Life

Life celebrations, or funerals, honour the journey that each individual has taken during their lifetime. Every person, no matter how long they have lived, has a unique story to be shared. Life celebration ceremonies are a testament to what each person has achieved during their life, and the chance for family and friends to say a formal farewell.

Julie will meet with the family to create a eulogy that befits your loved one. Ceremonies are designed to include personal, religious, spiritual and cultural traditions, and be an honest reflection of a life lived.

Other Ceremonies

There are many other occasions that you may wish to share.

Ashes scattering ceremonies can be a lovely way to memorialise the passing of a loved one and celebrate the life of someone special in a personal and meaningful way.

Celebrate moving into your new home or office with an informal blessing ceremony.

Boat launching ceremonies or pet naming ceremonies/pet funerals are also available.

Please contact me to find out how Circle of Love Celebrant Services can help you celebrate your special occasion.

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